Slowly Recovering

I am writing my first post since contracting the worst food-borne illness of my life. It ranks up there in the top 5 sickest I have ever been. I believe the culprit was a restaurant hamburger that I have been paying for, for over a week, but I think I may have turned the corner. As soon as I am able to reasonably think about food again I will update with my Yom Kippur brisket. In the meantime, this experience has renewed my concern with our country’s food system, particularly the handling of ground beef. Coincidentally, the New York Times published a frightening article about e. coli and ground beef , that is worth a read. Due to the fact that even horrific abdominal pain and a total inability to eat won’t stop me from consuming my beloved burgers in the future I took a hint from Gordon and ordered a meat grinder. I’ll stick to homemade from now on.

In the meantime I am mourning the loss a favorite kitchen companion, Gourmet Magazine.

gourmet 004

As was widely reported yesterday Conde Nast has made the decision to cease publication of  Gourmet Magazine after almost 70 years with its November issue. Every month my issue has taken its perch on my kitchen counter under the flower vase for browsing while I cook, and when the next one arrived I would clip the recipes that interested me for my recipe binder. Its a subscription and a ritual that won’t easily be replaced.

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