It’s Like Butter

Jewish butter, serve with bagels

Jewish butter, serve with bagels

Its like butteh” –Linda Richman

So Amiee told me that she is working on a line of baking projects and that got me to thinking about the ingredients we use and where they come from. Since we are dedicated to the DYI concept I thought that I would whip up some butter. Butter besides being useful in baking is also delicious on fresh toasted bagels and bialys. For those of you interested in the subject, the idea of non-kosher dairy products is based on not knowing what non-Jewish farmers might have been doing in the production of their milk, cheese and whatnot. With today’s industrial production that is largely a thing of the past.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also have the better part of a half gallon of heavy cream in my fridge.  I was in Costco the other day and picked it up on the premise that I would use it for topping on a birthday cake, pumpkin pie and perhaps some other dishes. A week later and I still have a pint or so left- so lets make butter!

BTW, you know that fear you have of letting the whip cream go to long and it suddenly becomes butter? Turns out it’s not that easy- takes the better part of 10 min with a stand mixer to get there. Pretty hard to do by accident.

Directions after the break


Place the mixing bowl and wire whip of your stand mixer in the freezer and leave there 30 min.

Pour cream in bowl and whip on high until it goes from whipped cream to a grainy mush of butter solids and buttermilk (you were wondering where that came from I bet). Now, pour the mix into a strainer. You can save the buttermilk if you want (makes good pancakes) or discard. Place butter solids back in a bowl and mix with very cold water. Drain again, repeat this step until the water rinses clear (the buttermilk will sour if you leave it). Once the water is clear place the butter back in a bowl and knead with a rubber scraper until the remaining water drains out. You can salt it if you like at this time. Press into a small clean container and keep refrigerated until used.


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