This is the one word I could come up with to sum up the latest (and most likely last) Heathen to join our little clan. Ariel S. will be delighting us with her wonderful baked goods and recipes, some of which I am quite certain will have been passed down from mother to daughter. Ariel was a frequent kitchen companion to all of us, before she headed off to adventures in New York. I can recall the day she attempted to teach me the complicated six strand braid when making challah together. Let me just say there is a reason mine continue to be three stranded, but her’s consistently rise to masterpiece level.  She is an exceptionally creative person and one of the few who I have ever met that is just as comfortable with a sewing machine as she is with a hammer. She even beautifully decorated my hard-hat on a service trip to New Orleans. Ariel has also recently, like the rest of us, become very interested in local and sustainable food production. Between that and her presence in the birthplace of Jewish-American cuisine,  I know she will have a lot to contribute our little corner of the web.

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