We’re huge in Australia

Last week we were contacted by Alicia from SBS Food, the Australian public television network, to be their “Featured Foodies”.  Since we will do just about anything to get readers beyond our own family, Gordon and I eagerly agreed to be interviewed for a tie-in to an episode of Food Safari focused on Jewish food. I am secretly hoping we become a phenomenon among the Aussies and I get to make regular trips down there again, but even if that doesn’t happen, we had a lot of fun doing the interview.

Check out the interview


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2 responses to “We’re huge in Australia

  1. Naomi

    I just saw your interview with SBS (I’m from Melbourne and a Jewess – I love saying Jewess, it’s so old-fashioned).

    Loved the interview and have now checked out the blog and love that too. I will be sending the link round to my best cooking buddies.

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