poppy seed cookies 055

Mohn cookeis

One response to “poppy seed cookies 055

  1. Diane Themer

    Aimee, I remember Bubby Sophie making Poppy seed cookies – hers were flat and she cooked with oil, probably for economy sake; I don’t ever remember her using butter in her baking. I have many fond memories of her baking (wonderful) and her cooking (always a crap shoot) and I remember when she stayed at my apartment after I married Cheri’s dad (who had to report for Army camp for two weeks) anyway she was finally going to show me how she made cholla. She sent me to the store for more flour (I had already purchased 10 lbs.) and when I came back two loaves were in the oven and that was that. It’s nice to know that someone else in the family likes to cook and bake – these days I just don’t have the energy except to make big pots of soup – its good for the soul. xoxo, Aunt Diane

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