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Roast Chicken #2 (Sumac)

Well the heathen chicken wagon rolls forward with entry number two. Sumac berries are the red ripe berries of the the non-poisonous variety of the sumac tree found in the Middle East. Not to be confused with its North American … Continue reading


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Roast Chicken #1 (Honey-lemon)

“Why the number 1?” you might ask. Well roast chicken is such an integral part of the Jewish family kitchen I am confident that the heathens will produce multiple roast chicken recipes.  Roast chicken is a staple of Friday night … Continue reading


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Israeli Couscous with Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes

I realize I have been MIA since Purim, but the last month was a long series of crappy happenstance that ate up most of my free time.  Oddly, one of the last of the series, the evening before Pesach began, … Continue reading

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Supposedly it is the height of summer, but the only way you would realize this in San Francisco would be by the availability of great summer produce.   I had a pile of zucchini that was dumped on graciously given to … Continue reading

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Breakfast Bagels Biscotti (Kamish) Eggs with Lox French Toast Lox Matzo Brie Shakshouka Bread Abadi Bagels Bagels II Bagel Dogs Bialys Challah (Amiee’s Version) Challah (Gordon’s Version) Challah – Kumquat Walnut Challah – Lavender Challah Bread Pudding Coffee Cake Jerusalem … Continue reading

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This blog seems to be turning into the story of what I’ve been doing in the increasingly long periods between posts. This time I have a great excuse. I was moving. Between looking for a new place, packing, the actual … Continue reading


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