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Produce Heaven

Israeli Salad

I’d first like to thank Amiee and Gordon for inviting me to contribute to their food blog! I’m so happy to try to add to Gordon and Amiee’s almost sick amount of food knowledge. As previously mentioned in Amiee’s post below, I’ll be conducting most of my foodie-blogging where I currently live in Tel Aviv, sharing some Israeli delicacies.

I’ll start by recounting my most recent journey to the open air market of Tel Aviv. Oh sweet shuk hacarmel… it seems like every week I have a new reason to fall in love with this produce heaven. Beckoning shoppers with it’s soundtrack of stall workers yells, smells of freshly bundled herbs, and the overwhelming sight of mass quantities of produce, the shuk has something for everyone. With a wide array of goods, the shuk is the place to find bargain kitchen supplies, fish, cheeses, knock off clothing, cosmetics, bulk candy, freshly baked breads, spices, toys, or even electronics.

I go to the shuk primarily for the superabundance of fresh fruit and veggies at low prices. Admittedly I am somewhat of a produce snob. The shuk offers choices in produce, which is a nice break from the almost anemic selection to be found at most supermarkets. Going from basta to basta (stall) it is apparent what is in season by the almost overflowing pomegranates and piles of dates. To me, this is the mecca for produce and the epitome of freshness. To me it is the fresh and preservative-free products, which abound here, that make the food in Israel exceptionally excellent.

To me, the best Israeli food is simple with few components, no need to over-salt or over-pepper, just a bit of seasoning to highlight the already flavorful ingredients. That’s why for my initial post to this glorious new blog I am going to put up a simple but staple Israeli food, the chopped salad.

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