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Challah (Amiee’s version)



I too made my challah recipe today, so it appears to be a true bake-off. As soon as I began gathering my ingredients I came to the the startling realization that I have not made challah in almost 9 months, probably the longest I have ever gone.  Just to differentiate from Gordon, I decided to do mine by hand, a task I have not undertaken since the magical day over five years ago when my KitchenAid stand mixer entered my life.  As  Gordon pointed out it is traditional at Rosh Hashana to bake your challah in rounds to symbolize the cycle of the year, but I never really mastered the spiral braid so I made some challah rolls as a smaller nod to the holiday.

shana tova! round challah.

shana tova! mini-round challah.

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