Technically we are not heathens, but real live Jews who share a fondness for cooking and eating.  We are simply looking for a way to share our love of cooking and our freakish knowledge of Jewish food in particular. That being said, the diaspora has allowed us to develop a regular hankering for a bacon cheese burger or a well cured piece of pork,  so when we need a break from the traditional we will just share what we are also cooking for ourselves.

More than anything else we are inspired by the sentiment contained in this quote, “You want Americans to eat less? I have the diet for you. It’s short, and it’s simple. Here’s my diet plan: Cook it yourself. That’s it. Eat anything you want — just as long as you’re willing to cook it yourself.” –Harry Balzer July 29, 2009

About Amiee:   I am a former Jewish professional who both knows the intricate details of the laws of Kashrut and also really enjoys occasionally making meals of trayfe-on-trayfe (i.e. bacon wrapped shrimp). My world of Jewish cooking began as a small girl who made challah with my Bubbie (great-grandmother Sophie, in this case) Unlike your Bubbie she was a slightly frightening woman with the rasp of many years of smoking in her voice, but she made damn good challah. As the first native Californian in a family of Chicago transplants, my formative years echoed with the constant complaint of not being able to get a decent bagel on the west coast.  My Jewish food repertoire expanded in college when I discovered the only way I was getting a latke was if I made it myself.